Lucy is a

with a passion for social justice.



Tír is an animated graphic novel series following the lives of five women as they struggle to survive on an inhospitable planet.

Tír is currently a semifinalist in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards, and has been featured at the summer 2016 Games for Change.

What to do When You're Raped

What to do When You're Raped is a book for Native girls and women, for the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center and The Ms. Foundation for Women.

The book has been featured on The Guardian, Huffington Post, TakePart, Color Lines, Feministing, and the Parsons Press.


Compliment is an immersive virtual reality experience of street harassment.

Compliment was at SXSW and NYC Media Lab, and written about for Motherboard, Mic, and Geek Feminism. It was also featured in Adobe's Project 1324 #CreativeImpact series.


Utopia is an exploration into a dystopian future America through advertisements.

The Metagame Website

New website for Local No. 12's The Metagame – a social card game about everything.

Walk A Mile, Inc.

Walk A Mile, Inc. is a satirical tour agency that packages empathy into a consumable product.


A mobile-friendly web app to find dog-friendly places nearby.

Architecture in Motion

A short music motion piece I created to Spring 2008 by Architecture in Helsinki.


Bo explains the intricacies and absurdities of human society to other dogs.

The Canary

A text-animation piece that delves into ideas of body sovereignty and systemic oppression.


An archery-inspired breakout-style game incorporating target, clout, and field archery.


The redesigned biannual magazine of The Honors College at the University of Houston.


A playful experience of the magics and planes of celtic druidry.

Honors College Viewbook

The redesigned admissions viewbook for The Honors College at the University of Houston.


An assortment of illustrations for Redbubble, Story | Houston, the Katy Prairie Conservancy, and more.

Lucy is

Only mildly addicted to ice cream.

An inter-disciplinary designer who chooses the tools best suited for each situation and need, be that a website, children's book, virtual reality experience, motion graphic, or interactive game.

A dog mom to a very dapper fellow named Bo.

A graduate of the MFA in Design + Technology at
Parsons School of Design.

Also a medievalist!
(Yep, her first masters was in medieval studies at the
University of York in England.)

Passionate about helping others with her design & tech skills, especially those often marginalized by the existing structure of our society.