Architecture in Motion


Architecture in Motion is a short music motion piece I created with Adobe After Effects using the song Spring 2008 by Architecture in Helsinki. The delicate and detailed illustrations and motions mirror the light and delicate music and invite close viewing.


Inspired by Vintage Space Diagrams

I was greatly inspired by stars, planets, and solar systems for this project, but decided to play with them in some unexpected ways. What if orbits could bounce or fall? Or star charts rotate and roll?

Sketching Lockups + Storyboarding

I sketched out my key lockups, then played with the individual elements of the illustrations to for the transitions.

Delicate Musical Pairing

The delicate, cheerful notes of Architecture in Helsinki matched the light and airy illustrations perfectly.

Refining Transitions

The transition from third to fourth lockup still bothers me, though I changed it several times. There's something too blocky about it; it does not match the rest of the piece. With more time another option playing with the elements of the navigation map itself would be better, perhaps erasing into the center from which the solar system will emerge immediately following. That would also keep the eye-trace consistent.