A bit of personal creative work including motion, illustration, and interactive multimedia


Animated graphic novel series following five women as they struggle to survive on an inhospitable planet.

A semifinalist in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards and featured at the summer 2016 Games for Change.


Immersive virtual reality experience of street harassment for the Oculus Rift.

Shown at SXSW and NYC Media Lab, and featured in Motherboard, Mic, and Geek Feminism, and Adobe's Project 1324 #CreativeImpact series.

Home Series

Work-in-progress series exploring my sense of home and place.


Utopia is an exploration into a dystopian future America through advertisements.


A playful experience of the magics and planes of celtic druidry.

Katy Prairie Bees + Ducks

Local fauna illustrations for Conservancy fundraising.