Deli Pitch


This animation piece illustrates an innovative design solution encompassing digital as well as physical – a system of integrated consumer and business applications as well as in-store installation redesign – that I designed with a strategist partner to pitch to a well-known deli brand.

As the Senior UX/UI Designer at the product development agency Icreon, I designed and implemented the creative and visual direction for this project as well as every step of the proposed user experience and storytelling animation short.

Process: Research

Identifying Audience + Experience Analysis

Our team, led by me and my strategist partner, did initial exploration into their audience – current as well as aspirational, and identified a few key pain points in the deli meat purchase process – clogged counter areas for both ordering and pickup – and suggested a potential plan for smoothing the process, as well as opportunities for digital enhancement.

Evaluation of current pain points

Opportunities for Enhancement

Physical + Digital Systems Design

Interconnected Digital Platforms + Physical Space Design

A physical space redesign works with two interconnected digital applications for improved digital engagement, deli lifestyle, and in-store customer experiences.

Digital systems in a physical environment

Streamlined digital experience

Specialized In-Store Service Rep App

BH representatives, in a streamlined new spacial and inter-personal design, would use a specialized application to interface with customers, explain options and offers, and place orders. Customers could then shop throughout the store and receive notice when their orders were ready for pickup. This addresses the common congestion around the counter for both ordering and pickup and allows for a personal, more boutique feeling.

Customer-Facing App

The customer app would act as both a catalogue of available goods and a way of keeping track of orders, reorder favorites quickly, and place new orders at any new deli locations quickly and easily.

Administrator app coordinates orders

Flexible at-home and in-store

Storytelling Animation

Bring life to a complex systems design

Creating this ahort animation allows for easy visualization of complex interconnecting apps and physical in-store design changes.

Script Writing + Storyboarding

Once the systems, apps, and other pieces were thought-through and designed out to a proposal-specific level, I wrote, refined, and recorded a voiceover script to clearly explain a potential user's experience. Each step, from entering the grocery store to picking up their custom order and enjoying a wine and cheese night, is clear and direct, with close-up views of both apps highlighted to give a sense of the potential design and to hint at expanding opportunities like recipe suggestions and meal planning.



Streamlining Illustration + Customization

With the time constraints I was working within, I decided to utilize purchased illustrations of people, and personally create the surrounding scenes and pieces like deli boxes, counter, aisles, etc. I took those premade humans and customized them as needed, breaking them apart into individual pieces to create movement in my animation.

Integrating App Screen Designs & Prioritizing Storytelling

I highlighted the screen designs for both the deli rep app and the customer app throughout the story, and illustrated how seamlessly they both could work with physical in-store solutions.

Personalized customer app