Deli Pitch

Innovative design solution encompassing digital as well as physical – a system of integrated consumer and business applications as well as in-store installation redesign.

As the Senior UX/UI Designer for Icreon, I designed and implemented the creative and visual direction for this project as well as the user experience and animation.


Our team did initial exploration into their audience – current as well as aspirational, and identified a few current pain points in the deli meat purchase process – clogged counter areas for both ordering and pickup – and suggested a potential plan for smoothing the process, as well as opportunities for digital enhancement.


Evaluation of current pain points


Physical + Digital Systems Design

A physical space redesign works with two interconnected digital applications for improved digital engagement, deli lifestyle, and in-store customer experiences.

Digital systems in a physical environment

Streamlined digital experience

BH representatives, in a streamlined new spacial and inter-personal design, would use a specialized application to interface with customers, explain options and offers, and place orders. Customers could then shop throughout the store and receive notice when their orders were ready for pickup. This addresses the common congestion around the counter for both ordering and pickup and allows for a personal, more boutique feeling.

The customer app would act as both a catalogue of available goods and a way of keeping track of orders, reorder favorites quickly, and place new orders at any new deli locations quickly and easily.

Administrator app coordinates orders

Flexible at-home and in-store

Personalized customer app

Personalized customer app