A bit of motion

Deli Pitch

An animation showcasing a design solution my team was pitching for a system of integrated digital consumer and business applications and an in-store physical installation


Some motion from my animated graphic novel series following five women as they struggle to survive on an inhospitable planet


A personal project in which my dog Bo explains the intricacies and absurdities of human society to other dogs

Stand Together

A short stop-motion style piece done for a marketing initiative of the JFNA

Architecture in Motion

A short music motion piece to the song Spring 2008 by Architecture in Helsinki


A personal project and original parable documenting a magical canary


A teaser piece done as part of a marketing initiative for the JFNA

Tattoo In Motion

An initial exploratory piece animating elements of one of my tattoos into a monogram

Mariner's Revenge

Motion experiment animating the lyrics of one of the greatest Decemberists songs of all time