Mariner's Revenge

The Mariner's Revenge is an epic song by the indominable band, The Decemberists, and if you have not yet heard it before I urge you to get on it. This short piece was my first animation of text in my motion class at Parsons, and utlized several new skills, such as audio time-marking.


The aim of this short experiment was to use the beats – music and lyrical – to form a framework for the animation itself. I played through the 20s of song I was using and carefully marked each of the main beat drops, then made sure each movement of the text coincided perfectly.


Once I had the beats marked, I needed to soryboard the lockups and plan the movements and transitions from one to the next. I grouped the lyrics' lines and tried to use any narrative clues to add a bit of depth – such as the horizontal lines of the "ribs" and the dramatic emphasis on, and build-up to, time TO KILL.